What is Grid Trading Bot?
What is Grid Trading?
This is an automatic trading service that repeats maker buys and maker sells automatically on 'Binance Exchange', the world's largest exchange, based on a grid-based buy and sell cycle.
What is Grid Trading?
Grid trading is a 'mechanical and automated trading system' that can be used in 'stupid box trading'.
Grid means 'a grid of closely interwoven lines (network)'


In other words, grid trading is the 'mechanical and repetitive act of buying and selling' by placing 'buy and sell maker orders in layers' at specific intervals.


Grid trading is a strategic tool that allows you to place a series of maker buy and maker sell orders at specific intervals around the current market price to make a profit. This is how grid trading works.

Grid trading performs best in highly volatile markets where prices move at specific intervals.
You don't need to predict the direction of market movement by automatically executing a lower buy order that corresponds to a higher sell order, ensuring a profit when the ask price is higher than the buy price while the price is flat.
In a nutshell, this is a strategy to buy low and sell high in the current price range.
Available Exchanges
Binance Exchange ( Binance )
Generate Binance API Key
How to generate an API key
Link to Create Binance Exchange API Description
Must read: Please enable only these two options: Enable Reading, Enable Spot & Margin Trading.
Usage Fee
Currently free (beta service)
Due to the beta service, the service is limited to the Min amount and Max amount.
Please be aware that this is a beta service and use it.
Getting Started
* Members should fully understand the Grid trading bot service before using the service.
* It is an automatic trading service that repeats maker buys and maker sells.
* We only provide API signals, we do not provide services for virtual assets.
* We do not guarantee profits, and losses may occur depending on market conditions, etc.
* Past returns do not guarantee future returns.
* We are not responsible for any loss, etc.
* Depending on the investment result, a loss of principal may occur, and the loss is attributable to the investor.